The lawlist governing labour disputes in the Fair Work Commission today includes: RUS Mining Services Pty Ltd (Kabbara), Komatsu Forklifts Australia (Khan), SMS Contracting Pty Ltd (Murtagh), Mario Pollimeni/The trustee for M & A Polimeni Family Trust (Bingol), United Steel Pty Ltd (Pace), The Music Bus Australia Pty Ltd (Skinner), JBS Australia Pty Ltd (Acal), The Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane (Duggan), Livebetter Services Limited (Brennan, Turner), Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (Cox), Azambuja v CQUniversity Australia (Da Silva), Bunnings Warehouse (James), Eastcoast Beverages (Robinson), SNP Security – Certis Security Australia (Krishna), Envirotech Pty Ltd (Ledden), Transit Australia Pty Ltd (Mitchell), Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (Werczynski), Freight Specialists (Chamberlain), Speno Rail Maintenance Australia Pty Ltd (Carte), Carroll Resources Pty Ltd (Li), Keolis Downer Pty Ltd (Scholes), Royal Freemasons Ltd (Dobler), Northvic Parcels Pty Ltd (McLennan), Westpac Banking Corporation (Ozbeyhun), Aus Labour Recruitment (Turner), Kangan Institute (Drakoulis), Transdev Melbourne Pty Ltd (Wiesa), Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd (Cole), Executive Security Solutions (Yousuf), Glass Expansion Pty Ltd (An), Linfox Australia Pty Ltd (Bailey, Livori), Transdev Melbourne Pty Ltd (Smagh), Aus Labour Recruitment (Turner), Equifax (Hughes), Livebetter Services Limited (Brennan, Turner), Youi Insurance Pty Ltd (Hurst), Community Connection Inc (McGrath), Shanghai Garden Chinese Restaurant (Hu), BHP (Perry), Trevor Kerber Pty Ltd (Smith), and Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc (Taylor & Dutton).

The labour dispute law list in the Fair Work Commission includes: Orica Australia Pty Ltd (Murphy), Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd (Berry), I.T Simpson Pty Ltd (Hosie), Stowe Australia (Towill), Luka Financial Pty Ltd (Harris), Kingdomgym (Heffernan), Albury Wodonga Health (Manwaring), WGD Australia Group Pty Ltd (Yu), Roads Corporation (Hazeldene), The Trustee for Rock Property Unit Trust (Zhou), Byron Shire Taxis and Limousines (Peti), Tarasway Australia Pty Ltd (Jackson), Noy Pty Ltd (Grobbelaar), C A Trust (Dickson), Estia Investments Pty Ltd (Dixon), Stefan Pty Ltd (Kalia), Trustee of The Cabot Family Trust (Hynes), Sweat Pty Ltd & The Kayla Itsines Training Company Pty Ltd and Others (Earp), Achieve in Parramatta Limited & Achieve in Parramatta Limited and Another (Echedndu), The Advice Spot (Goldberg), Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (Makande), Ovato Print Pty Ltd (Chen), Toll Transport Pty Ltd (Mitchell), GPSFM Pty Ltd (Tsakonas), Sydney Tools Pty Ltd (Bye), Bourke Aboriginal Health Services Ltd (Doolan), Jason Ametoglou – Sin Coty Gentlemen’s Club (Scarlett), Parton Wine Distributor Pty Ltd (Dodson), Jenni International Pty Ltd (Bell), TIAM Solutions Pty Ltd (Oliver), Rivet Mining Services (Aldridge), D Club Pty Ltd (Skeffington), Secure Lifestyle North Gold Coast (Bordley), B & E Poultry (Qld) Pty Ltd (Cheunkasem), Meramist Pty Ltd (Martin), Express Timber & DUnnage Pty Ltd (Strong), Montserrat Day Hospitals (North Lakes) (cross), Complete Medical Fitouts (Mcghie), EOC 888 Pty Ltd (Thies), Advance Electronics Security (Gopaul), Blackwater Hotel (Holdsworth), Cairns Car and 4WD Centre (Hunt), Blacklisted Collections Pty Ltd (Tan), Linden Lea Mitre 10 (Stuart), and Dusk Australia (Christie).

A Victorian policeman says he genuinely thought he was facing a “suicide by cop” scenario when he repeatedly hit a disability pensioner with a baton and stood on his head during a welfare check. Preston pensioner, John, was also pepper sprayed and hosed down at close range during the ordeal with six police in his front yard in 2017. The incident was sparked after John failed to return a counsellor’s messages while withdrawing from opioid medication. Senior Constable John Edney, one of three officers fighting assault charges, defended hitting John with an extendable baton six times and stepping on his head, as fellow officers restrained him. “I did believe it was a real suicide by cop scenario,” Sen Const Edney told Heidelberg Magistrates Court on Monday. The court has heard paramedics refused to attend John’s address without police escort. Video footage shows John answering a knock by police at his front door that day, urging to be left alone. “I don’t want to f***ing talk,” he screams. “Get off my f***ing property. “If you get the crowbar, you’ll have to shoot me. “I’ve been maced before and nothing happened.” Sen Const Edney said he believed the pensioner posed a real threat. “Part of the reason of going into his house was to check for weapons,” he told prosecutor Diana Manova. “I did believe he was armed.” However, he conceded he didn’t search him or make any reference to him being armed in his incident notes. Footage shows officers pulling the pensioner to the ground and restraining him while Sen Const Edney hits his calf with the baton six times and steps on his head with a pressure he described as “minimal, not much more”. When Ms Manova put to him John offered no resistance, he replied: “I can’t recall”. Sen Const Edney defended his actions as justified and appropriate. His colleagues, Senior Constables Brad McLeod and Florian Hilgart, are also contesting assault charges over the incident. Sen Const McLeod told the court on Monday he had previous dealings with John, who was a known suicide risk – a risk present on that day. The officer said when confronted, John was aggressive and threatening suicide. He came at him with his fist raised but missed the punch. “I was concerned for my safety and safety of other members,” Sen Const McLeod said. He sprayed John with pepper spray to subdue him so he could be arrested but he resisted forcefully. He sprayed him a second time as he was on the ground, telling him “It smells good doesn’t it?” Sen Const McLeod said on Monday he regretted his choice of words. “It wasn’t done with malice, it was a tactical option and a complete and utter poor choice of words,” he said. He defended his use of force as reasonable and necessary, given the potentially volatile situation, which also included John possibly grabbing an officer’s gun during the ordeal. Sen Const McLeod said he considered the operation successful as no one was injured. The hearing continues.

A midwife at a busy public hospital and a Extinction Rebellion activist claimed sick leave at taxpayers’ expense on the same day she was arrested for protesting. Redcliffe Hospital midwife Emma Dorge – who calls herself Emma Jade on social media – was arrested on October 9 for allegedly breaching her bail conditions, which banned her from ­entering Brisbane’s CBD. Hospital management is agonising over what to do about Dorge, 23, given that she tried to claim sick leave on the taxpayer when she was also involved in a protest, where she is accused of breaking the law. It is understood management found out she had not been that sick because on the day she live-streamed herself in a police watch-house after she was arrested. Posted on her Facebook page, Dorge said, “Resist. Do something. Do not uphold the state. Our lives, our ecosystems are at stake. “Every morning I wake up exhausted and terrified of the world we live in and how much worse it’s going to get. And if you’ve got the privilege and ability to have some sort of resistance, and you don’t then, I’m angry at you too. “You’re living on stolen land, in an illegal occupation of so-called Australia and you’re watching the sixth mass extinction unfold.” When asked what action had been taken against Dorge, a Redcliffe Hospital spokesman said: “Redcliffe Hospital’s maternity service has appropriate staffing arrangements in place that ensure clinical care is not compromised when individual staff are absent. “Metro North Hospital and Health Service demands high standards of personal integrity and professional conduct from all its staff. “Should any staff member fail to meet those standards, appropriate action can be taken through the ­relevant industrial process,” the spokesman said. “As this matter is currently before the courts, it would not be appropriate to make a ­comment about this matter at this time. For privacy and ­confidentiality reasons, we also do not comment on individual HR matters.” Ms Dorge questioned where the information had come from and which hospital was involved. She hung up after being asked if she took sick leave on October 9 to attend a protest.

The disaffected labour market is well represented in today’s Fair Work Commission lawlist: Eastcoast Beverages (Robinson), Pty Ltd (Hilario), Albury Wodonga Health (Manwaring), Alphabeta Business Management Services (Silva), Food Health Australia Pty Ltd (Li), Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (Makande), RAC Insurance Pty Ltd (Cox), Qube Ports Pty Ltd (Huggins), Viva Australia Group (Hyde), Carers of Africa Inc (Luong), The Better Health Generation/Back2Work (Cooper), ARCARE Pty Ltd (Ranasinghe), Adand Pty Ltd (Hilario), Hazeldeness Chicken Farm Pty Ltd (Matthews), Corsec Services (Elliott), Victorian Freight Specialists (Haidar), Tegra Australia Pty Ltd (Regan), Macquarie Telecom Group (Rathwell), Crafty Fox Investments Pty Ltd (Quartermain-Smithies), Abilities and Beyond Pty Ltd (Lloyd), Brisbane Container Terminals Pty Ltd (Kisona), Downer EDI Limited (Parker), Pintupi Homelands Health Service (Smart), Miller’s Roofing Pty (Gannon), SA Water Corporation (Trevena), Trustee for The Wingrain Trust AKA Grain Brokers Australia (Tolmachoff), Advanced Health Invest Pty Ltd (Chan), RSU Mining Services Pty Ltd (Kabbara), Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (Downes), Tricare Labrador Aged Care Pty Ltd (Tickle), Australia No 1 Custom Print Pty Ltd (Ge), Uniting Church Homes (Warburton), ASC Pty Ltd (Case), Perth 178 Backpackers and Convenience Store (McCare), SMS Contracting Pty Ltd (Murtagh), Mario Polimeni/The Trustee for M & A Polimeni Family Trust (Bingol), Zoom Recruitment & Training Pty Ltd formally Zoom Recruitment & Training Group Pty Ltd formally TBC 1 Group Adand Pty Ltd formally NWZRT Pty Ltd formally Zoom Recruitment & Training Pty Ltd (Tomisich).

The queue crush to be heard in the Fair Work Commission is lengthening: Cutlet Brands Pty Ltd (Heinicke), Lavender & Sons Pty Ltd (Lavender), Coles Supermarket Australia Pty Ltd (James), Murray Farming Pty Ltd (Yao), Collings Airlines Staff Pty Ltd (Hyde), Smart Water Corporation Pty Ltd (Sas), SME Commercial Finance (Cholewick), Southern Cross Care (Bunsy), Express Plumbing Gas & Air (Galbraith), ISS Property Services Pty Ltd (Reid), Technical and Further Education Commission (Waite-Pullan), Horticulture Innovation Australia (Krowitz), Coles Supermarkets (Australia Pty Ltd (Ittyerah), Appian Software Australia Pty Ltd (Barnes), Teys Australia Southern Pty Ltd (Ismail), Hot Bargain Investment Pty Ltd (Truckner), Raedy Bake Pty Ltd (Pancholi), PJDH Pty Ltd (Baillie), Platinum Blasting Services (Boettiger), Krisgold Pty Ltd (Irvine), Woolworths Group Limited (Moore), Wodonga Rendering Pty Ltd (Mann), A & L Windows Pty Ltd (Shil), Jeremy Lawson P & D (Caughey), Executive Risk Solutions (Staffing Solutions) Pty Ltd (Van Kuyk), Chad Group Australia P/L (Meredith), Express Plumbing Gas & Air Pty Ltd (Galbraith), Victory Management Services Pty Ltd (Cislaghi Lanza), Kent Ngyen (Pham), Anycool Refrigation (A Division of Forbes Brown Industries Pty Ltd (Caldwell), Food Health Australia Pty Ltd (Li), The Advice Spot (Goldberg), Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (Makande), Sydney Tools Pty Ltd (Bye), Norman Chee & Thu Tram Chee Pty Ltd (Thakur), P & J Cole (Williams), Executive Risk Solutions (Staffing Solutions) Pty Ltd (Van Kuyk), Innovative Hair Loss Solutions Pty Ltd (Best), Sigh On Group Pty Ltd (Griffiths), Carers of Africa (Luong), Pea in Pod Pty Ltd (Birkill), Spachoice Pty Ltd (Devenish), Wazzas Water/ Wazzas Transport/ Winchelsea Firewood (Fanning), Collings Airlines Staff Pty Ltd (Hyde), Woolworths Group Limited (Moore), Teys Australia Beenleigh Pty Ltd (Muhinyuza), The Music Bus Australia Pty Ltd (Skinner), South Pacific Laundry (Kitt), Safety Barrier Solutions Pty Ltd (Beddoes), Traffex (Black), Woolworths Group Limited (Moore), SEQ Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd ATF Electrical Contractors Unit Trust (Harris), Transport Workers Union, Queensland Branch (Cavanagh), Surf Life Saving Queensland (Nugent). Blackcloth Investments Pty Ltd (Prentice), Rainbow Bay Surf Life Savings Supporters Association INC (Edwards), Spachoice Pty Ltd (Devenish), Glass Expansion Pty Ltd (An), Orora Packaging Australia Pty Ltd (El-Chami & Cuthers and Others), Smart Water Corporation Pty Ltd (Sas), Ausco Modular Pty Ltd (Vitale), Cockburn Cement Limited (Sakic), Sign On Group Pty Ltd (Scott), Essential Energy (Supple), Crchiaro Nominees Proprietary Limited & Fontaniva Pty Ltd & Red Gem Growers & Packers Pty Ltd (Fleming), BHA Media (Berich), MJ Lev Pty Ltd (Ellis), Quantum Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd (Munit), Equigroup Holdings Pty Ltd (Lee), Green Vic Pty Ltd (Martin), Dr Suresh Rajapaksa (Kies), Programmed Skilled Workforce Pty Ltd (Delphin), Agile Group (APAC).

A queue has formed since Christmas made up of applicants seeking relief from the Fair Work Commission for alleged breaches of labour hire and conditions. The lawlist includes: Anaconda Group (Woonton), Regal Innovations Pty Ltd (Magdi), Best Bar Pty Ltd (Deaibes), Community Services Directorate (Gonzalez), Department of Defence (McKenzie), Star Residential Care Pty Ltd (Sands), Wazzas Water/Wazzas Transport/Winchelsea Firewood (Fanning), Sigmatek Pty Ltd (Salisbury), Royal Botanic Gardens Board (Hunt), Qantas Airways Limited (Sikalias), Workforce Solutions (Hall), Stowe Australia (Towill), Your Kids Our Kids Early Learning (Vasconcelos), Unilever Australia Trading Ltd (Munoz), Opera Australia (Lewis), Qantas Airways Limited (Sikalias), The Trustee For The Synergy Vision Trust (Reid), LGB & Co Pty Ltd (Cowham), DHHBC Contracting Pty Ltd (Mallalue), Australian Taxation Office (Smythe), Cutler Brands Pty Ltd (Heinicke), Everard Pty Ltd atf EH Services Trust (Snell), Queensland University of Technology & McNamara and Others (Wolff), Hills Golf Academy (Cavanagh).

The labour dispute application list in the Fair Work Commission today includes: Obrien Real Estate Mentone Pty Ltd (Sinclair), BRM Bulk Resources Management (Battersby), Edge Recruitment (SA) Pty Ltd (Thomas), Food Health Australia Pty Ltd (Li), Melbourne Mailing Pty Ltd (Berry), Coles Supermarkets Australia (Janes), Sussan Corporation (Aust) Pty Ltd (Jones), Chad Group Australia P/L (Meredith), Victorian Ambulance Union (The Trustee for P&J Cunningham Family Trust), Kaurere Farms Pty Ltd (Bain), Language Smart Pty Ltd (Chandan), Lecia Geosystems Pty Ltd & Shilov (Nunn), Arcare Pty Ltd (Mazi), Cerebal Palsy League of Queensland (Whale), The Trustee for the Whitlock Family Trust (Cohen), Softwoods Timberyards Pty Ltd (Murphy).