Sci-Blue Road Safety Systems is facing a s.394 (Application for unfair dismissal remedy) in front of Commissioner Spencer in chambers in Brisbane (Mossop).

The lawlist governing labour disputes and unfair dismissal allegations includes the following: BlueScope (O’Dwyer), Forever New Clothing Pty Ltd (Gulevska), World Vision Australia (Tamu), Ratelt Australia Pty Ltd (McKerlie), Gainsell Pty Ltd (Foy), Febtay Pty Ltd (Murchie), APS Group (Placements) Pty Ltd (Richmond), McDonald’s (Stewart), Tilling Timber Pty Ltd (Williamson), Zero Gaia Pty Ltd (Kim), Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group Pty Ltd (Balagan), Ultra Tune Australia Pty Ltd (Madden), Vold Edge (Clack), Mercy Community Services (Okello), CPL (Sciberras), JJ’s Waste & Recycling (Cosgrove), Tourism Noosa (Potter), PortGate Logistics LP (Roza), ASAP Glass Pty Ltd (Sibson), Bolton Clarke (Kuskey), Decc Environmental (Ryan), Ground Technologies Pty Ltd (Ferguson-Hannah), School Ministry Group (Benzier).

The Fair Work Commission lawlist for today includes: Department of Defence (DoD)/Defence Science Technology Group (DSTG)/DoD representatives – officers (Mernone), Taylex (Chown), Bolton Clarke (Kuskey), Access Equipment Hire (Boldiston), Pacific Golf Club (Hey), Nokia Solutions and Network (Hogendorn), The Woods (Mukhood), Aster Home Nursing Service Pty Ltd (Van Dyk), CSI Club Southport (Muter), Stay Yeppon Pty Ltd (Olsen), ADP Employer Services (Loxton), Ultra Tune Australia Pty Ltd (Madden), The University of Melbourne (Pilbrow), Western Health (Le), Contract Resources Pty Ltd (Furina), Australian Transit Group Buswest (Cuculoski), P & E Real Estate Pty Ltd (Carroll), Qantas Airways Limited (Mazzitelli), Mobilla Di Lusso Italiano Pty Ltd (Kircher), Australian National University (Morrison), Lloyds Auctioneers & Valuers Pty Ltd (Ainsworth), Ron Gee Enterprises Pty Ltd (Guesdon), South Pacific Laundry (Melbourne) Pty Ltd (Li), Pace Development Group (Tasci), Hospira Australia Pty Ltd (Davis).

A doctor who survived cancer and chemotherapy says death cap mushroom poisoning was the most painful ordeal she has ever had. Dr Anna Whitehead saw some mushrooms near an oak tree in Raglan on the Easter long weekend. The Waikato public health doctor hadn’t planned to forage but decided to pick the mushrooms and check online if the ones she’d found near the waterfront on Cliff St were toxic. But she was so busy, partly due to commitments during the coronavirus pandemic, she forgot to check. She fried two mushroom caps and a stem, ate them with fish at lunch and felt fine – for a while. She woke up at 3am the next day. “I had this vomit which was unusual. It was a green liquid.” She went back to sleep but woke up again, and had “a huge amount” of green diarrhoea and vomit. “By eight in the morning I thought: I’m actually really unwell.”

The law list governing labour disputes to be heard today in the Fair Work Commission includes: WorkPac Mining Pty Ltd (Clavin), Westrac Pty Ltd (Hatch), Emmavictoria Pty Ltd (Campbell), Solstad Farstad Pty Ltd (Dalgleish), Monash Health (Edmead), Bakers Boutique Patisserie (Apostolovska), City of Launceston (Gordon), J & E COLE Pty Ltd (Mallinson), Trucks Admin Pty Ltd (Bucholtz), AP Property Consultants Pty Ltd (Butler), The Butchers Block Cafe Deli Pty Ltd (Drotschmann), Westpac Banking Corporation (Ervine), Northern Beaches Council (Wang), Numeric Eight Pty Ltd (Wong), Lowie’s Garage Pty Ltd (Alam), Infosys Technologies Limited (Vannikumar), JEG Proeprty Pty Ltd (Shetab), Street Swags Ltd (Madden), Private Label Dynamics (Owain), Deus Qld Pty Ltd (Salpietro), Access Hire South Australia Pty Ltd (Goodwin), Clardige COllision Repairs Pty Ltd (Walton), Tobcott Pty Ltd (Walton), Thermoscan Inspection Services Pty Ltd (Blaiklock).

The Fair Work Commission lawlist governing labour disputes to be heard today includes: Royal Freemasons Ltd (Jackson), Unified Security (Australia) Pty Ltd (Good), AGL Macquarie Pty Ltd (Fazlhamidi), Trojan Fibreglass Pty Ltd (Southern), Menarock Life (Aynsley), OCN Pty Ltd (Hoque), Linfox Australia Pty Ltd (Townsend), Jello Bello Pty Ltd (Schwalger Sach), Aegis Aged Care Staff Pty Ltd (Podlaha), Cyber Recycling & Disposal Pty Ltd (Ashley), Metrix Automation Australia (Waters), Holcim Australia Pty Ltd (Barrie), Service First Compressor Parts Pty Ltd (Lovelady), Parrs Heat Pump Centre (Parr), Nick’s Crane Services Pty Ltd (Eleftherakis), Prosegur Australia Pty Ltd (Campbell Law, Stuckey), Teys Australia Naracoote Pty Ltd (Singh), Berwick Waters Early Learning Centre Pty Ltd (Soni).

The lawlist governing labour discord set for hearing in the Fair Work Commission includes: The Rumpus Room Children’s Centres (Stevenson), AAS Carpet (White), Asaleo Care Ltd (Flamengo), Jones Dental (Kermode), Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions Pty Ltd (Kiani), Jones Dental (Kermode), Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions Pty Ltd (Kiani), EIR Group (Street), QT Hotels and Resorts Pty Ltd (Ribaudo), Ballarat & District Aboriginal Co-operative (Knobel), Teys Australia Southern Pty Ltd (Rafique), Wat-er Blast Pty Ltd (Alford), Yarrawonga Criterion Operations Pty Ltd (O’Shea), Frankston City Council (Benson), Ultra Tune Australia Pty Ltd (Madden), ACT Education Directorate (Whyte), Comcare (Younger), Griffith University (Bacon), Trident Services Australia (Greaves), Lutheran Community Care (Jansen), Correct Installs Pty Ltd (Hafsteins), Cropper Brothers Landscape Construction (Fox), University of Technology Sydney (Zhao), Ultra Tune Australia Pty Ltd (Madden), Ruslingvo Incorporated (Kaskina), Evercentre Pty Ltd (Abrosimova), The Good Guys Discount Warehouse Pty Ltd (Shuman), IQ Novate (Braga), Personal Training Academy (Harvey), ANZ (Xie), Interline Bus Services (Bartlett), Stockland Developments Pty Ltd (Gavan), Revroof Pty Ltd (Hugo), Commonwealth Securities Limited (Martin), Coles Supermarkets Australia (Rooke), Map Pty Ltd (Verlander), Mercy Health (Bouras), Trustee of the Granafurn No 2 Trust (Pennell), The University of Melbourne (Pilbrow), Darwin FreeSpirit Resort Pty Ltd (Purcell), Bolton Clarke (Kuskey), Lusty TIP Trailers Pty Ltd (Yerbury), Marcello Verrocchi (Cavuoto), Salena Estate Pty Ltd (Day), Haggleco Pty Ltd The Trustee For Enny Haggle Family Trust & The Trustee for The Renato Trust & The Trustee For VAFA Haggle Family Trust (Kariyawasam), Blake Entertainment Pty Ltd (Francis), Mainstream Industries (Butcher, Lee-Ridley), Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group (Woodward), Blacktown City Council (Romic), McPickelway Orange Pty Ltd (Lander), Crumpler Pty Ltd (Mazerant), MCPBB Pty Ltd (Merlacco), IC Energy Pty Ltd (Johnston), Department of Transport (Arivalagan), Ultra Tune Australia Pty Ltd (Madden), Target Australia Pty Ltd (Pinnock), Telstra Corporation Ltd (Ferry), Westpac Banking Corporation (Wilson), EIM Training (Ferreira Caldas da Costa), Northern Territory of Australia (Scurr), Trident Services Australia (Greaves), Stratco Pty Ltd (Martin-Howes), Fulton Hogan Constructions Pty Ltd & Lang O’Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd (Casbarra).

Another tranche of labour dispute applications is lined up for hearing in the Fair Work Commission: Cancer Council Victoria (Beesley), Metcash Trading Limited (Unger), M & S Fabrications Pty Ltd (Rominski), REOI Staffing Solutions Pty Ltd (Young), Magnus & Megisti Pty Ltd & The Trustee for Burgess Alroy Unit Trust (Gosling), Semantic Software Asia Pacific Ltd & Bradley (Wood), Australian Unity Retirement Living Management (Kennedy), Bright Lightz Cleaning Service (Fauni), Tomingley Gold Operations Pty Ltd (Bassett), Tycen Demolitions Pty Ltd (Gardiner), Castle Personnel (Johnston), Service Stream Limited (Rushworth), Zen Project Pty Ltd (Park), Toniac Pty Ltd (Blackney), Wilson Pateras Accounting Pty Ltd (Cacoutas), Pulse Collaboration Systems Pty Ltd (Baynes), Serco (Dunn), Nillumbik Shire Council (Jordan), Open Door Pub Co Pty Ltd (Braham), SRG Global Structures (Vic) Pty Ltd (Egger, Groppo, Hall, Matovski, McGinley, Newman, Peric, Ruduss, Smart), SMSF Works Pty Ltd (Lin, Llu, Yao), Uniting AgeWell Limited (Mendoza), Toll Transport Pty Ltd (Toma), Stellar Corporate Services Pty Ltd (Mangan), Tacoma Plumbing Pty Ltd (Turner), Services of Top Cut Foods Pty Ltd (Collins), Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy (Francis), Baptist Care SA (A), Loucas & Zahos Pty Ltd (Capper), ARB Corporation Ltd (Millar), Balfours Bakery Pty Ltd (Mittal), Costco Warehouse Australia Pty Ltd (Shinakis), Australian International Islamic College Board Inc (Heis), Qscan Group (Pitrans), Martoo Consulting Pty Ltd (Cole), Australian Postal Corporation (Boyle), MSS Security (Ris), Bright Lightz Cleaning Service (Fauni).