The lawlist for unfair dismissal and labour dispute claims in the Fair Work Commission includes: Environmental Wastewater Catchment Services Pty Ltd (Hendy), Noni B Group (Mines), Glen Ewin Pty Ltd (Palmer), Kathleen Ann Lambert & Trevor Paul Lambert (Fox), Luna Park Sydney Pty Ltd (Vane-Tempest), Strike Force Services Pty Ltd (Mackie), BE Campbell Pty Ltd (Tuaileva), Willandra Road Pty Ltd (Dearing), Hunters Hill High School Parents and Citizens Association (Trainor), The Griffin Coal Mining Company Pty Ltd (Old), K&S Freighters Pty Ltd (Wass), V-ZUG Australia Pty Ltd (Musco), James Dunlop Textiles Pty Ltd (Dimopoulos), Environmental Wastewater Catchment Services Pty Ltd (Hendy), Lift Shop Pty Ltd ATF Lift Shop Trust (Ormandy), Powercom Systems Pty Ltd (Hodge), BHP Coal Pty Ltd (Bird, Drake), The Commercial Guys Pty Ltd (Fredericks), Cape Australia Onshore Pty Ltd (Miki, Potts).

A mile long queue of claimants is awaiting adjudication in the Fair Work Commission for labour related complaints: Derwent Valley Council (Bradley), Australian Barbeque Events Pty Ltd (Beckett), Aircrew Logistics Pty Ltd (Greenberger), Majestic Fire Factory AC (Sabeghi Eskandari), Steggles Foods Mt Kuring-Gai Pty Ltd (Gonzalves), Technical and Further Education Commission (Hartley), Life Without Barriers (Sharkey), Noahs Rosehill Waters Pty Ltd (Petersen), Jetstar Airways Limited (Wenke), Australia Leisure and Hospitality Group (Napaul), NGS Group Pty Ltd ATF NGS Discretionary Unit Trust (Simon), Airservices Australia (Hooper), Don KR Castlemaine (Jacobs), Supported Tenancy Accommodation and Respite Tasmania Inc (Courtney), End To End Australasia (Cordelle), Aircrew Logistics Pty Ltd (Greenberger), The Atherton Hairdressers & Beauty Clinic (Pasetti), Seventh Day Adventist Church Aged Care – Retirement Plus (Cook), Meatpak Australia Pty Ltd (Chin), Canberra FM Radio Pty Ltd (Jamieson-Curran), Rockhampton Jockey Club (Matthews), Abbertons Pty Ltd (ACN 099 512 099) as trustee for the Commercial Trust (Buckley), Direction Employment and Training Limited (Eggers), Suncorp Group Limited (Fea), Rockys Own Transport Co (Stanley), BHP Coal Pty Ltd (Bird, Drake), Emali Childcare Pty Ltd ATF The Email Trust (Hani), Southern Cross Care (Hamidi Manesh), Baptist Care (SA) Inc (Delbridge), Uber Australia Pty Ltd (Gupta), Qantas Ground Services Pty Ltd (Rogers), Dawes Management Pty Ltd as trustee for J E Dawes Tryst (McBride), Genesis Christian College Ltd (Mitchell), Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) (Garlick), Australia Post (Le), Linfox Australia Pty Ltd (Pauli & chau and Others), FMC Relationship Services (Hanson), Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Ltd (Coverdale), Lift SHop Pty Ltd ATF Lift Shop Trust (Ormandy), Wild Contracting Pty Ltd (Seidel), Shire of Meekatharra (Dyer), W & H Drysdale Pty Ltd (White), Department of Industry (DOI Water) (Alamgir), Linfox Armaguard Pty Ltd (Blue), Jackson Clay Bramley (Roder), Cameron Dodds (Shoveller), Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd (Dear), Australia Barbeque Events Pty Ltd (Beckett), Western Motorcycles Pty Ltd (Bognar), URM Environmental Services Pty Ltd (Onyeakor), Hunter Galvanising Employment Pty Ltd (Carney), Birpi Aboriginal Corporation Medical Centre (Slater), Fleetmix Pty Ltd (McMullen), Canberra FM Radio Pty Ltd (Jamieson-Curran), University of Newcastle (Atherton), Cabin Services Australia (Shamoon), Ikon Administration Pty Ltd (Afoa), MSS Security Pty Ltd (Campbell), Rejoice Chinese Christian Communication Centre (Leung), Complete Health Products (Lepierres), Noahs Rosehill Waters Pty Ltd (Petersen), The Baker Family Trust (Bayliss), Goldbreak Holdings Pty Ltd (Mitchell), MCE Motorsports Group Pty Ltd (McCulloch), Western Australia Turf Club (Weiki), ISS Security Pty Ltd (Smith), National Australia Bank Limited (McLean), Sydney Trains (Delindi), North Burleigh SLS Supporters Association Inc (Sekulic), Warringah Brake & Clutch Centre (Ohanessian), Ace Bottle Printers P/L (Macumber), Loreto Normanhurst Limited (Hanna), Blue Mountains Water (Smith), Wine Collective Holdings Pty Ltd (Haywood), City Collision Centre (SA) Pty Ltd (Chapman, Daminato), ISS Health Services (Raymond), Elliston Caravan Park (Dawem Richards), Shutdown Staffing Services (Prouten), Definitive Decorating (Toki), Gold Coast Helitours Pty Ltd (Tregurtha), Underground Spirits Pty Ltd (Galbraith), W D Design Pty Ltd (Soncini), Westgate Medical Centre (Gourabi), AHS Hospitality (Woolward), FMC Relationship Services (Hanson), Monash Health (Nallathamby), Qvic Pharmacy Group Pty Ltd (Upton), ARB Corproation Ltd (Shepherd), The Trustee for Xixiamodu Consultancy Tryst (Wang), Uptick (Connell), Golfields Individual and Family Support Association Inc (Hartlebury), Crown Perth (Yap), Nokia Solutions and Networks Australia Pty Ltd & Telstra Corporation Ltd (Moulton), Complete Staff Solutions Pty Ltd (Downey), Anglican Community Services (Jatan), Sydney Markets Ltd (Zambounis), Goodmans Groundforce Pty Ltd (Bruns).

The Fair Work Commission unfair dismissal/labour dispute hearing list for today includes: Taralga Retirement Village Inc (King), Ashton Coal Operations Pty Limited (Cordowiner), Experience Co Limited (Verner), Ausgrid Management Pty Ltd (Arampamoorthy), Quest Events Pty Ltd (Upadhyay), Wormall Civil Pty Ltd (Leslie), Carousel Glass Pty Ltd (Tang), BSA Pty Ltd/Xcel Drilling Pty Ltd (Skyes), Country Fire Authority (Jones), Latrobe Regional Hospital (Scott), Teekay Shipping (Australia) Pty Ltd (Richmond), Victoria Police (McGregor), The Trustee for Xixiamodu Consultancy Trust (Wang), Airservices Australia (Hooper), MO’s Mobiles Pty Ltd (Liu), Tinonee Gardens HammondCare (Williams), hakea Grove Aged Care Pty Ltd (Jones), Sydney International Container Terminals Pty Ltd (Patrick), AAA Next Group Pty Ltd (Ryan), Luxottica (Morse), Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd (Puszka), Bennett Property Solution (Green), The Music Bus Australia Pty Ltd (Mammoliti), Co-Operative Bulk Handling Limited (Spinks), Transdev WA Pty Ltd (Elliott), Dare Holdings Pty Ltd (Ballantyne), Hunter Galvanising Employment Pty Ltd (Carney), Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (Vella), The Royal Women’s Hospital (Perez-Torres), Transdev WA Pty Ltd (Elliott), Coles Supply chain Pty Ltd (Milford), City Chic Collective Limited (Dimopoulos), Linfox Australia Pty Ltd (Paull & Chau and Others), Esso Australia Pty Ltd (Hatwell), Natures Dairy Australia Pty Ltd (Robson), Qantas Ground Services Pty Ltd (Kennedy), Comdain Infrastructure (Baines), Aloe Vera Industries (Hahn), Co As It Community Services Inc (McMahon), Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group Pty Ltd (Smith), The Cathedral School (Dembowski), A Little Bit of Sugar (Voll), Coles Supply Chain Pty Ltd (Milford), DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd (Quy), HSS Home Support Services (Nickel), Minda Incorporated (Constantine), Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention (Florenca), National Australia Bank Limited (Tang), Commonwealth Bank (Dias), CBHS Health Fund Limited (Sethi), K&S Freighters Pty Ltd (Wass), Kalhaven Holdings (Harrison), APSRAD Pty Ltd (Gillen), Lyndon Stevens/Statewide Alignments (Gorman), Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention (Florenca), Diamond’s Property Consultancy Pty Ltd (Zhang), Hammock Time Pty Ltd (Wylie), Aussie Milk Products Pty Ltd (Athukoraia), Prestige Automotive Services (Nguyen), Global Auto Parts (Skaramangos), Swinburne University of Technology (Kimtia), Derwent Valley Council (Bradley), Good Start Early Learning (McConnell), The Smith’s Snackfood Company Ltd (Cross), CCG Australia Pty Ltd (Brown), Aussie Rapidblast (Hazell), ISS Health Services (Raymond).

The unfair dismissal/labour dispute lawlist at the Fair Work commission has the following claimants: Urban Purveyor Group Pty Ltd (Lucas), Cape Australia (Maydom), Brendma (Australia)Pty Ltd (Truong), Meatpak Australia Pty Ltd (Chin), KLH Australia Pty Ltd (Baluyut), ANZ Banking Group (Jean), Ceek Solutions Pty Ltd (Lamba), Australia Regional and Remote Community Services Limited (Trevena), Eaton Services Group Pty Ltd (Munday), Ikon Administration Pty Ltd (Afoa), Timothy John Hopwood (Polkinghome), Cabin Services Australia (Shamoon), Road Fresh Transport Pty Ltd (Hayne), St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc (Sylva), Murdoch University (Quo), Blackham Resources Limited (Duncan), Tribe Lifestyle Hairdresser Manly (Edgecombe), Denlinquin Nursing Home Foundation Ltd (Monro), Nardy House Incorporated (Gawne), New Grow (Hakik), Life Without Barriers (King), Australian Air Supply Pty Limited (Thomson), Samstra Technology Pty Ltd (Stockhausen), Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (Scriven), Comdain Infrastructure (Baines), Supported Tenancy Accommodation and Respite Tasmania Inc (Courtney), Cabin Services Austrlaia (Shamoon), Fresh Cheese Co (Aust) Pty Ltd (Viceconte & Condello), Functional Solutions International (Dantzic), Telstra Corporation Limited (Mussa), One Tree Community Services Inc (United Voice), Saxxon IT Pty Ltd (Godden), FMC Relationship Services (Hanson), Woolworths Group Limited (Mackay), Virgin Australia (Faamausil Ailua), Fuel Services Pty Ltd (Julian v Airport), Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd (Thomas), Acciona Infrastructure Australia Pty Ltd (Prosser), E.J. Merriman & Son (NSW) Pty Ltd (Greenwood), Linfox Armurguard Pty Ltd (Mahendran), CBHS Health Fund Limited (Sethi), Water NSW (Stockheim), Tinonee Gardens HammondCare (Williams), Hakae Grove Aged Care Pty Ltd (Jones).

Pinnacle Safety and Training will face a s.365 (Application to deal with contraventions involving dismissal) before Fair Work Deputy President Lake in his Brisbane chambers (Chiverton).

The lawlist for the Fair Work Commission includes the following unfair dismissal/labour dispute applicants: Sheridan Equipment Pty Ltd (Pollock), M&L Frigair Services (Marks), Coles Supermarkets Australia (Backhouse), Karingal St Laurence Limited (Fry), Wild Contracting Pty Ltd (Seidel), Helena College Council Inc (Snyder), Central Ringwood Community Centre (Handasyde), Commonwealth of Australia as represented by Commissioner of Police (Jones), W D Designs Pty Ltd (Soncini), The Australian Capital Territory (Brewer), Tag Turfing Pty Ltd (Glenane), WorkPac Pty Ltd (Meikle), Sureway Employment & Training (Ollett), Workwear Tullamarine (Can), Milestone GI Pty Ltd (Sherwood), The Victorian Fisheries Authority (Solankis), Barkly Regional Council (Jeffs), Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd (Seale), Dick Stone Pty Ltd (Boateng), Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (Sahni), BMA BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (Kidner), Peak Thai Restaurant (Jutilamtong), Rsocan Pty Ltd ATF Ronaldo Socan Trust (Jutilamtong), BLASK Pty Ltd (Mcpherson), Pinnacle Safety and Training (Chiverton), Black Listed Collections Pty Ltd (Butler), Dnata Catering (Rozario).

An application/notification by Australian Capital Territory as represented by the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) (s.505 – Application to deal with a right of entry dispute) will be heard by Deputy President Kovacic in the Fair Work Commission at Level 3 14 Moore Street Canberra at 11am.

The waiting list for applicants to be heard over alleged unfair dismissal/labour dispute claims in the Fair Work Commission includes: Yujie Liu (Lin), Brister and Co (Grundy), Aloren (No. 44) Pty Ltd (Pucek), Rockys Own Transport Co (Stanley), Tagai State College (Bero), Juniper Property Holdings No 6 Pty Ltd (Manfield), Telwater Pty Ltd (Harmer), Healthscope Operations Pty Ltd (D’Cruz), Hobsons Bay City Council (LofT), Capitular Properties Pty Ltd (Mansory), Residential Connections (Whitham), City of Stirling (Emery), John L Pierce Pty Ltd (Archbold), Sonjack Services Pty Ltd (Rua), Sydney International Container Terminals Pty Ltd (Patrick).