The lawlist governing labour disaffection scheduled for hearing in the Fair Work Commission today includes the following applicants and respondents: The Trustee for The Nagamble Equine & Rural Unit Trust (Cooper), Brighte Capital Pty Ltd (Trimboli), Skilled Workforce Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd (Blance), L J Construction Pty Ltd and Forte Property Group (Fares), Puddingburn Publishing Services Pty Ltd (Forde), Nelligen Holiday Park Gray), Sydney Trains (Sharpe), Melbourne Health (Szumlak), Presbyterian Ladies’ College (Knopfelmacher), Toyota Motor Corporation Limited (McNeill), The State of Victoria & Jordan and Another (Nolan), Alcoa Portland Aluminium Pty Ltd (Oakley), Silver Chef Rentals Pty Ltd (Tran), Renewable Power Australia Limited (Hammel), DD Traffic Hire Pty Ltd (Hamilton-Smith, Smith), Yes Digital Pty Ltd (Nguyen), Central Queensland University (Da Silva Azambuja), Choice Business College Pty Ltd (Makkar), Stegbar Pty Ltd (Reseigh), Kariela Pty Ltd (Bartlett), Kariela Pty Ltd (Belham), Cobham Aviation Services (CAvS) (Chivonivoni), Tara Hotels (Sungovska), Weston Carpentry (Foss), Department of Human Services (Services Australia) (Lofts (Dell’Oste), Skilled Workforce Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd (Blanco), John Thompson (Brown), Crossmuller Pty Ltd (Gauci), Emmavictoria Pty Ltd (Campbell), Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Human Services (David-Milne), Empowerability INC (Fulthorp), Evans Bathrooms Pty Ltd (Dalcik), The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Committee Incorporated (Finnane), Owners Corporation Strata Plan 56482 (Vasarhelyi), BlueScope Steel Limited (Edwards), Greenstock Nurseries Pty Ltd & Fitzgerald and Others (Gavin), Loran Pty Ltd (Clarke), Jacksons Drawing Supplies Pty Ltd (Liedel), Yarram and District Health Services (Bennett), Uber Australia Pty Ltd (Bradaric), Barro Group Pty Ltd (Richards), Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd (Mackole), St Michaels Association (Hunter), AJL Heavy Equipment Pty Ltd (Lupi), Rekune Pty Ltd and Reluni Pty Ltd (Amad), Service First Compressor Parts Pty Ltd (Lovelady), Menarock Life (Aynsley), Compass Group Remote Hospitality Services Pty Ltd (Trivett), Big Rigs Australia Pty Ltd (Van Der Linde), APT Management Services Pty Ltd (Ungerer), TH Hospitality Services Pty Ltd (Stassi), Prime Cut Meats (Burger), STBAUS Pty Ltd (Hansen), Central Queensland Services Pty Ltd (Odgers), Task Labour Australian Pty Ltd (Lin), Teys Australia Beenleigh Pty Ltd (Muhinyuza), KJ Fabrication Pty Ltd (McCormick).

The lawlist for labour disputes post Easter is a light version of pre-Easter. The Fair Work Commission will today hear the following matters: Skilled Workforce Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd (Blanco), The Trustee for Centium Group Unit Trust (Sachoo), HammondCare trading as HammondCare At Home (Coles), Coffs Harbour Support Services Inc (Maylor), Reno Pack Pty Ltd (Ohmsen), Illawarra Coal Holdings Pty Ltd (Vermeulen), Nolan Lawyers Pty Ltd (Patton), Gaby Peimer (Aimal), Nufurn Pty Ltd (Safi), Hudson Homes Pty Ltd (McHugh), Western Sydney Local Health District (Stewart), Verve Portraits (Fine), SMSF Works Pty Ltd (Lin, Llu, Yao), Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (Jacovou), Bovogen Biologicals Pty Ltd (O’Dea), Rivera Taxis & Hire Cars Pty Ltd (Pyther), Golden Plains Shire Council (Grigg), Bed Bath N’ Table (Chandler), Plenty Valley Community Radio Inc (Cullen), Focus Paint and Polish (Selby), The Trustee for Di Giandomenico Family Trust (Szymansky), MSS Security (Ris), Allstate Linemarking Services Pty Ltd (Naveed), Paradise Motor Homes (Simpson), The Trustee for Sunshine Leisure Trust (Nicolson), The Trustee for the Darrouzet Property Trust (Robinson), Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd (Tanzer-Wilde), Suez Recycling and Recovery Pty Ltd (Haronga), ISS Facility Services (Huff), Adecco Commercial (part of Adecco Group) (Uildriks), Liquorland (Australia) Pty Ltd (Roy), Helping Hand Aged Care (Watson), Stockland Development Pty Ltd (Hughes), Becker Watt Lawyers Pty Ltd (Scerri), Pilbara Iron Company (Services) Pty Ltd (McPhie), Glencore Australia Pty Ltd (Treacy), ISS Security (McDermott), Pointcorp Constructions Pty Ltd (Dunn), Ozcare (Pinder), Greyhound Resources Pty Ltd (Redgwell), ADADN Group (Texeira), Samuel Perna & Associates Pty Ltd (Pearce), Pickles Auctions Pty Ltd (Mommers), Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd (Mackole), Jellis Craig North Side (Sales) Pty Ltd (Roberts), Picton Meatworx Pty Ltd (Fernandez), Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions Pty Ltd (Kiani), Department of Human Services & Randall (Merhi), Madison Marcus Law Firm Pty Ltd (Voet), Pullbrook Trade (Tiplady), Essential Energy (Montgomery), Thirsty Second Bean Company Pty Ltd (Kennedy-Cox), Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (Wilcox), Bed Bath N’ Table (Chandler).

Work safety commissioner Greg Jones has announced his retirement from the ACT Public Service. Jones held a number of senior leadership positions in the ACTPS, including head of the former Casino Surveillance Authority, and chief executive officer of the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission. He has a total 40 years’ service. The ACT government will announce Jones’ replacement in the coming weeks.

A s.372 (General protections) order sought by Jacinta Hynes against the Rail Industry Safety And Standards Board has been refused by Deputy President Lake in Brisbane on 17 April 2020. The case summary: “Application for costs order – s.372 conciliation conference – voluntary participation in telephone conference – application for costs made under s.376 and s.611- separate application with Queensland Human Rights Commission – whether application had ‘no reasonable prospects of success’ – whether application was ‘vexatious’ or ‘without reasonable cause’ – application for costs dismissed.”

A Broome Hospital health worker has tested positive to coronavirus, becoming the fifth confirmed case in the Kimberley region. According to the WA Country Health Service, the staff member had a history of intrastate travel but did not have any unprotected face-to-face contact with patients and followed the correct protocols at all times. The WACHS statement said contact tracing of staff and patients has, and continues to occur in line with the Department of Health’s screening guidelines.

The line is starting to lengthen for a Fair Work Commission hearing: Virgin Australia Group (Souleles), Virgin Australia Pty Ltd (Wardle), Envirotech Pty Ltd (Ledden), Pirtek Newcastle represented by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (Whackett), Bong Bong Orthopaedics (Coltman), Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd (Schweickle), Life Without Barriers (Sharp), Life Without Barriers & Department of Health and Human Services Victoria (Gigimon), Van Dairy Group Pty Ltd (Nicholls), Southern Midlands Council (Bryant), Victorian Person Centred Services Limited (Barisic), Yass Valley Aged Care Ltd (Turland), Integrated Pest Management Systems (Canberra) Pty Ltd (Fan), Green Fuels Qld Pty Ltd (Lowe), Nokia Solutions and Network (Hogendorn), Orquidia Au Pty Ltd (Piercy), Beaumont Care Pty Ltd (Rose), Bags to Co (Smith), Clayton Church Homes Inc (Bilstein), EFEX Group Pty Ltd (Bennett), Rebound Stadium (Ryan), Melissa Eileen Horvat (Smith), Bundura Park Pty Ltd (Grisanti), Stratco Pty Ltd (Martin-Howes), Haggleco Pty Ltd ATF The Trustee For Enny Haggle Family Trust & The Trustee for The Renato Trust & The Trustee For VAFA Haggle Family Trust (Kariyawasam), Botany Group Pty Ltd (Papadimitriou).

The Fair Work Commission lawlist for today has the following cases listed: FibreCycle (Potter), ACH Group (Urbanski), CBMG North Pty Ltd (Sully), Safe Places Community Services (Barton), Maree Jennifer Services (Maclure), Coral Princess Cruises (N.Q.) Pty Ltd (Marson), Endeavour Foundation (Wise), Programmed Integrated Workforce Limited ( Barsby), 1800Drivers Pty Ltd (Carroll), Condari Pty Ltd (Freeman), Riveria Taxis & Hire Cars Pty Ltd (Pyther), Montarosi Pty Ltd (Sutherland), Sleepeezee Bedding (Boyd), Al Siraat College Inc & Arain and Others (Chopra), BMT Western Australia Pty Ltd (Brooks), Hudson Homes Pty Ltd (McHugh), NSW Department of Customer Service (Apostolovic), O’Brient Aluminium Pty Ltd (Brenycz), Ausflam Fire Systems (Ballarino), Global Disability and Health Care Services (Ahmed), Laser Bend Weld (Beesela), Kaizen Hospitals (Holoryd) Pty Ltd (Bassos), Citysleepz (Casanova), Catholic Healthcare Limited (McLochlan), Transit (NSW) Services Pty Ltd (Yerdhali-nanjaiah), REOI Staffing Solutions Pty Ltd (Young), Tasmanian Water & Sewerage Corporation Pty Ltd (Nash).

The Fair Work Commission lawlist line to hear labour disputes is lengthening: Byose Asende (Kilmo), Department of Transport (Arivalagan), Crown Melbourne Ltd (Perera), Uber Australia Pty Ltd (Bradaric), Sydney Trains (Vasiljevski), Moolarben Coal Operations Pty Ltd (Peters), Phillip Purnell (Danzey), Bong Bong Orthopaedics (Coltman), Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd (Hargense), ANZ (Xie), RSL LifeCare (Hooshmand), Argyle Community Housing Ltd (McMahon), SAM Technology Engineer (Perry), Kitco Transport Australia Pty Ltd (Pelham), Uniting Church in Australia Property Tryst (Q) (Esguerra), Halabi Pty Ltd (Yu), Wat-er Blast Pty Ltd (Alford), BHP Coal Pty Ltd (Murray), Mason Place Pty Ltd (Mahar), Teys Australia Beenleight Pty Ltd (Muhinyuza), Australian Federal Police (Rooke), JM Eyewear (Mune), Australian Affiliated Services (Gregory), Estia Investments Pty Ltd (McRural), Stefan Pty Ltd (Kalia), Rightway Automotive Services Pty Ltd (Sardelis), Prosegur Australia Pty Ltd (Stuckey), Mt Arthur Coal Pty Ltd (Cooper), ACIRL Quality Testing Services Pty Ltd (Corrigan), Kal Tire (Groves & Allgood and Others), Black Betty Hospitality Group Pty Ltd (Harris), Your Bookkeepers Online Pty Ltd (part of Moore Stephens NSW), Knight Watch Security Pty Ltd (Paramore), DP World Sydney Limited (Field), Tailor Made Fish Farms Pty Ltd (Spencer), Printforce Australia Pty Ltd (Fren), Ballarat Health Services (Keen), Midland Tractors (Hull), Pea in a Pod Pty Ltd (Birkill), Monash Shire Council (Jordan), QBE (Allen), James Place/Tomato Backpackers/Kozpropick Pty (Jitungo), BA Group Commercial Plumbing (Ristevski), Australian Institute of Creative Design (Kingston), Give Star Mobile Services Pty Ltd (Evans), Quest Digital Business Pty Ltd (Marchisio), Endeavour Foundation (Wise), Ultiqa Developments Pty Ltd (Duncan), WPIAS Pty Ltd (Williams).